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Program Overview:

Retailer Rebate Rewards is a rewards administration website. The Retailer Rebate Rewards code you received qualifies you for a free, voluntary, monthly retail rebate rewards program.

Once you redeem your reward code, print your monthly savings vouchers. For each month you send in $100 or more (before taxes and after coupons are applied) in original receipts for qualified purchases from an approved store, along with the savings voucher from that month, we'll send you a $25 gift card.

You're eligible to repeat this in consecutive months until you've reached the full value of your reward. So, if you received a $100 reward code, you're eligible to send in your materials for four months, and to receive a $25 gift card each of those months, up to a full value of $100.



1. Register your code on the Retailer Rebate Rewards website
2. Send your receipts to Retailer Rebate Rewards with the matching monthly savings voucher
3. Retailer Rebate Rewards will send you a $25 gift card for all valid submissions.

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  Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Retailer Rebate Rewards Program?
Retailer Rebate Rewards is an online rewards administration website where you register a code, print a welcome letter and savings vouchers, collect original receipts for qualified purchases at approved retail brands, and mail them in for gift cards, if you qualify.

How do I get started?
To get started, you'll need to redeem your reward code on this website and we'll email you a welcome letter and savings vouchers, which you'll print and save.